Nichols Realty Express & Our Love for the Community

Nichols Realty Express, We are a local family serving our local communities, We listen for Community needs then We try to be part of the solution, from providing support for local business, Promoting food drives at our Office Location, Partnered with Local Schools to offer Annual Scholarships for Graduating Highschool students, Built and maintain a Community Blessing box that we hope will help feed children throughout the year & especially dunging summer when school is out, Annual Haircut's for Kids to start the school year off right, to feeding all 85 teachers for Teach Appreciation Week, and our Holiday Events that we Host for the Community for Free, these just a few ways we actively engage in community support and outreach. As Realtors, we strive to treat everyone like family. We will travel further & stay out later to help Market & sell your Dream Home or to help You get that Dream Property & to stay with you throughout the process & long after its closed, we will stay in touch. If you are looking for a career change your welcome to come talk to Us. We are growing Quickly & will be opening new sites soon if you are an existing Broker or Realtor, we have a place for you. If you are thinking about Real Estate? Maybe Dreamed of this Exciting Career then we need to talk. We offer throughout the year a Scholarship to help You become a Realtor & Offer a place to work when the testing is done. We offer Completive pay with a pathway to 100% commission Annually to both existing & new Realtors. We are so excited to share this Dream with our Family, Community and You!!