Clinton Office

New Office Location: 

2097 Hwy 65 S, Clinton, AR 


Please help us celebrate the future for Nichols Realty Express & Our entire NRE Team! We couldn't be more excited, for our group and company! 

First please help us congratulate Amy Bromley! Amy has been promoted to Executive Broker! And a Great Big Thank You to Heather Nichols! She helps so very much see and shape the vision for this company and the entire Team! We couldn't be more blessed!

That said we have moved our Higden office to Clinton, Arkansas!!! Yes Yes! & We have exciting plans for the Higden Location. Stay tuned! Next I want to thank, Dale Gunter, Hannah Berry, Samantha Pike, Ron Nichols (my Dad! He helped drive truck and trailer) Randall Nichols Jr, Nate Brown (a future agent) Amy Bromley & Heather Nichols! This part of the NRE Team loaded up & relocated that office in a matter of hours! We had so many trucks and trailers it didn't take long! We also want to include other Members of our team! Some are in class waiting to test others are here everyday in the Fairfield Bay location working hard! Gena Cadie Realtor for Nichols Realty Express ,Savannah White, Amanda Rodgers, Sidney Gent (waiting to test) Sharon Gaia-Berry (waiting to test) Brooks Turner (waiting to test)! Together this team is positioned to Help Across the Ozarks of Arkansas!

We had such a great time as a team getting it done! Please come see us! We are located across from Walmart & Next to Casey's Gas Station & Baker Medical! Our signing will be installed in the next few weeks!

Great Big Thank You to all the Team!

Nichols Realty Express

121 Lost Creek Parkway, Fairfield bay, AR 5018844169

2097 Hwy 65 S, Clinton, AR